Advanced Writers’ Retreat

Fortnightly online workshop and project mentoring: Level 2 HeartWriting program

Advanced Writers’ Retreat

writing transformation and mentoring over 20 weeks

Advanced workshops July 30 – Dec 3, Every second Saturday, 9am – 12pm Sydney time

Master your writing skills and become the published writer you’ve always dreamed of, by blending the creative powers of your heart with teachings from the best writers in the world.

I’m Rose, a multi-published freelance writer and former magazine editor with a novel on the way. Also a creative writing teacher of 15 years with a Master of Arts in Creative Writing – plus an accredited Hatha yoga and meditation teacher – I’m qualified to teach advanced writing to adults, while embracing a spiritually enhanced, multi-faceted creative approach.

If you’re reading this, you were likely one of my students in my Level 1 signature workshop, where you learned the foundations of HeartWriting. You may have noticed that my methods are very different to other creative writing courses – but you’ll also know firsthand that this method works. 

The Advanced Writers’ Retreat is designed to build on the skills of the HeartWriting Level 1 Workshop, with a focus on confident transformation – so that you can finally complete and publish a high standard writing project.

All the while, you’ll be challenged to face your fears, strengthen your creative heart, and conquer writer’s block.

it’s all about having the right support

I know firsthand that this method works – particularly for those who regularly experience fear, doubt and writer’s block. I’ve witnessed multiple hundreds of students transform into confident, clear, heart–based writers.

Get prepared to transform your writing skills to a whole new level, with tertiary writing techniques, advanced exercises, and a high focus on editing skills. You’ll also learn more about flow state theory, ancient Ayurvedic principles of heart harmony and creativity, the art psychology of Carl Jung, and the many benefits of embracing a healthy, sustainable creative life.

let’s pen the endless possibilities.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of writing a short story, you can transform your skills in many mediums and forms – from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, romance, thriller, journalism, to even sales writing and beyond.

We’ll be covering the major movements of literature over the last 500 years, as well as a range of genres, styles and authors, to open up the possibilities in your writing.

With an academic focus wrapped up in the tenderness of creativity-enhancing spirituality, you’ll be writing with clarity, confidence and heart.

it’s time to publish your words.

Not only is this an online learning experience with all the perks and resources of a tertiary writing education, you’ll also receive fortnightly 1–1 mentoring with me, as we work through each concept and develop your writing into something you can publish. 

This Level 2 writing program gives you the opportunity to use your new skills to polish a larger piece of writing with the more experienced students of HeartWriting

Remember, it’s an online course, but it’s designed to give you a personal, heartfelt learning experience. With only 10 spots available, and only running once per year, you won’t want to miss out.

your teacher

I’m Rose, a published writer, magazine editor, qualified book editor, and high school English teacher. I’m also a yoga and meditation teacher. With a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, I am qualified to teach you a range of advanced, tertiary-level techniques.

what the workshops look like

Your 10 workshops fall every second week over 20 weeks, from July to November, using Zoom and a closed Facebook Group in the comfort of your own sacred writing space.

– 30 minutes gentle yoga and guided creativity meditation
(to prompt theta brainwaves and flow state)
– 30 minutes writing lecture and discussion
– 30 minutes silent writing time
– 20 minutes of sharing and discussion
– 20 minutes second teaching point/ guided meditation/ prompt
– 30 minutes writing time
– 20 minutes final sharing, teaching, and close.

what's included

This extended 10 week program includes fortnightly 3 hour workshops PLUS 1–1 email and fortnightly Zoom mentoring, plus video lectures, readings, resources AND free access to any HeartWriting extras such as my upcoming pre-recorded courses. By the end of the course, you will have completed, workshopped and edited a piece of work (or several pieces) up to 20,000 words – the size of a small novella. How cool!

– 3 hour Zoom workshop every second Saturday

– A new theme/ literary movement/ writing technique per week 

– Guest lecturer: Former Creative Writing Curriculum Coordinator and senior lecturer at UTS, and published author, Debra Adelaide, will teach us the basics of writing a novel

– Worksheets, lectures and reading material

– Unlimited 1–1 Zoom mentoring with Rose

– Email feedback on written work

– A Facebook group to connect with your peers

– Creative meditation and gentle hatha yoga

– Free bonus access to pre–recorded courses

50+ hours of educational value


it's time to create the project of your dreams

Slide Creative meditation yoga and meditation to open the creative heart Mindfulness and gentle movement for the heart, mind and soul Learn how to tune into the powerful creative energy of the heart, while dropping into the Theta brainwave state, where the real magic happens.

capture beautiful life moments

Learn to tune in to your heartspace to write effortless magic on the page.

Writing techniques

heart-brain connection

spiritual philosophy

transcend your skills

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Rose Mascaro is a writer, editor and teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to build a life of creative bliss. A published writer, and the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine Australia, she has a Master of Arts in creative writing.