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A heartfelt thank you

I am filled with gratitude that you put your heart out there and joined me on the deep creative journey of The HeartWriting Workshop! I hope it provided you with a range of theory, techniques, heart-expanding rituals, and writing skills that will carry you over the coming weeks, months and years. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you in this course and I can’t wait to see you again in future – hopefully, to start writing your book or special project in the Advanced Writers’ Retreat in Semester Two!

Sometimes the best reviews/ testimonials are written just like a stream of consciousness – in the moment, from the heart, without too much overthought. I would so appreciate if you could take 5 minutes to fill out this form so that I can continue to improve and promote my courses. (Copy your testimonial before submitting – there are two links I would love you to post it to, found in the final email!)

All my love,

Rose xx

Writing techniques

I've studied creative writing in a host of forms, from degrees, freelance writing diplomas, and finally a rigorous and expensive creative writing masters degree. As an experienced educator and professional writer, I know that writers need more than the average classroom experience. HeartWriting distills the gems of my learnings into an inspiring, heart-opening format.

heart-brain connection

Meditation and movement helps to open the creative floodgates between the heart and the brain. It’s easy to access our innate creativity as children as our brains operate on low-frequency, creative brainwaves, right up until the age of 12. When high-frequency, logical brainwaves start kicking in, it’s so much harder to step back into an abstract space, where all the magic of the creative process occurs.

spiritual philosophy

Say hello to your inner spirit, your true nature that exists within you — beyond your thoughts and personality. Once you find out who this inner spirit is, your creativity will soar effortlessly, in ways you perhaps dreamed but thought impossible. The only thing stopping you from being a heart-filled, successful writer, is yourself. Release limiting beliefs by adopting meaningful new philosophy.

creative community

I offer people the opportunity to connect deeply with other writers. This helps to quell the fearful voice, ultimately providing you with a core community to fall back on when times get tough. In writer workshops, you’ll get to know likeminded writers in a safe online setting where you can post and share pieces, give and receive feedback, and chat about the writing process.


Rose Mascaro is a writer, editor and teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to build a life of creative bliss. A published writer, and the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine Australia, she has a Master of Arts in creative writing.