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Writing Therapy

Experience the expansive benefits of a therapeutic journalling practice and express yourself with heart-inspired confidence. Grounded in the therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation, this course is recommended for those who are interested in exploring their newfound creativity, OR for writers who are looking for a heart-centred, expansive online space to write each week. Meet your soul tribe of creatives while dropping in to a tender creative space full of wisdom and heart. Tuesdays, 5pm – 6.30pm Sydney time. Investment: $199 for 8 weeks. http://www.heartwriting.com.au/workshops

Podcast is released!

The HeartWriting podcast is now available for your listening pleasure on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Podbean... and a few more! Let me know if your fave app is missing the HeartWriting podcast and we'll add it for you. In the first episode, I ask questions like: Why do we avoid our creativity when it’s our greatest joy in life? Is it because of social conditioning? Self-sabotage? Or simply laziness? You'll also find some juicy meditations. Let me know what you think on Instagram on @heartwriting.com.au!

Business words

Writing catchy, communicative socials, newsletters and blogs for your business is not that easy. Rushed captions, badly edited newsletters and the dreaded missing apostrophe shapes a poor impression of your brand. I can create the complete package for your brand, including: blogs, sales pages and social media posts, emotive, heart-centred stories and sales language, and an accurate portrayal of your voice and mission.

Feb 2023: 10 week Expansive Writing workshop

Commit to deepening your writing skills with a small group of likeminded creatives, under the close guidance of Rose and her team, who will elaborate on unique meditational skills and tertiary-level writing techniques that form the basis of a successful creative writing practice. Explore the essential tools to skyrocket your new creative life with sprinkles of brain-magic, spirituality, and a heart-opening community. Share the development of an extended piece of written work each week, and receive 1-1 guidance. This is a learning experience of a lifetime.

Coming in July 2022 ... The Advanced Retreat

Sign up for the 3 month Advanced HeartWriting Retreat, starting July 2022, and experience a complete support system to skyrocket your new creative life, expanding in detail the fundamental tools of a successful creative writing practice. You'll get the same amazing experience as the shorter workshops, but with 1–1 Zoom support from Rose and a lifetime Facebook community to continue your journey. Plus, you'll receive access to the Writing Therapy afternoons.

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Central Coast workshops

Starting mid 2022, join the 10 week creative writing workshop in Avoca Beach, NSW, each Wednesday 10.30am –12pm. These innovative workshops include creative meditation, lecture, readings, writing and sharing. A beautiful setting to workshop with your fellow local creatives!

Writing mentoring

I've had so many people reach out lately, wanting to work with me on their unique writing projects – whether it's to do with their business, penning a family story, or writing for enjoyment. Working with other creatives is my passion, and I have years and years of evidence that my teaching strategy WORKS through my students' incredible results.

Website copywriting

Do you have a business? Is your website a bit lost for words? We create an enticing writing strategy for your business. Using a range of advanced writing techniques, marketing know-how, and a warm approach, we can create mind-blowing website copy that will capture the hearts of your readers and clients.

Creative yoga

Did you know that yoga and meditation significantly amplifies the writing process? Rose has been using yoga with her writing students for over a decade with incredible results. That's why she incorporates meditation in her workshops. Want more info? Find out more on the HeartYoga page. Online meditation and yoga is available on enquiry.

Rose Mascaro is a writer, editor and teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to build a life of creative bliss. A published writer, and the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine Australia, she has a Master of Arts in creative writing.