Services for writers

Are you a writer needing support?

I’m Rose, and I can offer you a unique coaching and mentoring experience. With a Master of Arts in Creative Writing (including book editing), a number of graduate and postgraduate studies behind me in the fields of language and literature, and specialist skills in meditation instruction for writers’ block, I can offer you a fresh creative coaching experience that delivers results and brings you back to your heart–driven voice.

Aside from writing, my specialty is actually teaching. I have 15 years of experience as a senior-level high school teacher who worked tirelessly to amplify my students’ writing results in the ATAR, WACE and HSC English exams. I’ve also hosted countless writing workshops for youth and adults over the years. 

My most recent role as magazine editor means that I know first-hand how to help writers harness the written word with precision and flair. 

Writer mentoring

Want to write it yourself, but need some expert support? Working with other creatives is an essential part of the writing process. However, for some reason we often try to do it all alone. Think about it – what other profession or vocation asks you to work entirely in isolation?

This limiting idea needs to change. Realising that I needed human connection to achieve my goals, in 2017 and 2018 I studied my Master of Arts in creative writing. Gifted with the pleasure of learning from some of the best writers and lecturers in Australia, my writing style, processes and speed improved tenfold, and I developed the confidence to start writing my novel and publishing stories.

I’ve also studied how meditation enhances specific theta brainwaves that encourage states of creativity and ideation. As a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, and an experienced secondary teacher, I share heart-centred practices to enhance the creative process.


The project size, concept and length is up to you. My role is to offer ideas, strategy, editing, and detailed feedback for each chapter, working with you until your project is complete. 

COST, OPTIONS and booking

– In-person weekly mentoring sessions in the Central Coast, NSW, including homework, email feedback and WhatsApp support

– Online weekly mentoring via Zoom, including WhatsApp support and email

$80 per hour as per agreement/ until project completion.
Group workshops are also available.

Editing and proofreading services for writers

With experience as a lifestyle magazine editor, and postgraduate studies completed in book editing, I can help you meet all your structural, sentence and word–level editing needs, including future strategy. 

Proofreading is a major part of my job as an editor, and I’d love to offer you my unique skills for your business or project. The final copy of any document needs to be perfectly publishable. I pride myself on accurate results, and my printed publications are testament to my skills. 


$80 per hour. Book your free 30 minute Zoom meeting to discuss pricing for your project. 

Rose Mascaro is a writer, editor and teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to build a life of creative bliss. A published writer, and the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine Australia, she has a Master of Arts in creative writing.