Writing Therapy Online

Coming back soon as a pre-recorded, affordable course for those who can't join us live for the HeartWriting Online Workshop.

Meditation. heart expansion. Beautiful words.

Writing Therapy: 8 Week Course

Writing Therapy is a relaxing mini version of The HeartWriting Workshop. No resources/ mentoring included.

Please enquire for the release date of this pre-recorded course.

There's a wave of beautiful words...

swelling from your heart.

You’ve got a love of language and you’ve been journalling your sweet heart out for as long as you can remember.

There’s something so mesmerising and therapeutic about writing the depths of the emotions – in all their colour and complexity.

This is you, right? You’re a HeartWriter. Just like me.

I’m Rose – writer, editor, and teacher with Creative Writing MA, and I created a series of dreamy creative writing classes – because I believe that good writing is about connecting with your heart!

Over your 8 weeks in Writing Therapy, you’ll learn simple (and magical!) writing techniques, principles of heart harmony and creativity, poetry and stream of consciousness, creative meditation, the science of the creativity-enhancing Theta brainwave, and the many benefits of embracing a sustainable creative life. 

$199 for 8 week pre-recorded course

Writing techniques

heart-brain connection

theory and philosophy

transcend your skills

What people say

Rose offers so much more value than any other traditional creative writing course I’ve come across. You get to learn about yourself, what shaped you, your authentic ‘writers voice’ and how to produce beautiful words that flow effortlessly from the heart and inspire others - if you’ve been thinking about expanding your creative brain and are looking for a nurturing environment to be a part of, you need to sign up for one of these workshops! – Natalia

From the content to the delivery style and the personalised advice in the 1-1 mentoring, this course is a true gift to anyone who ‘wishes they could’ but who ‘doesn’t out of fear’. You’ll find yourself in the safest place, where you’ll be supported, encouraged and left to ponder what else you can do if you pack away the worries and just let the words flow. I still feel this review can’t do justice to the quality content and heart opening space that Rose has created. – Michelle

Rose, aren’t you such an amazing delight. Your warmth, love and gentleness with your course participants is something to behold. You will go far with this and inspire many to deepen into more authentic writing. Also – I think I need the join the advanced course! – Andrew

Rose was so generous with her time, knowledge and energy; she was the perfect guide through this journey! It was so inspiring to witness everyone’s unique skills and confidence grow from week to week and to read their amazing stories. The HeartWriting workshop was a beautiful holistic experience that has helped me to embrace writing, and my creativity in general, wholeheartedly! – Louise

We started as nine strangers from different walks of life, but with one common thread. I am honoured to have been able to be a part of this and to have had the opportunity to share my heart journey with all my fellow heart writers. I thoroughly recommend the HeartWriting course to anyone wondering, although another part of me wants to keep Rose to myself haha. I'll definitely be signing up for the advanced course. – Raeleen

I am loving this course! there is so much more content than expected. My world is expanding at a pace I am comfortable with. I am writing everyday; the best part of my day actually. I also love listening to ALL the other heartwriters! – Cheryl

I’m feeling really excited and inspired by the beautiful intimate group and the AMAZING workshop activities that Rose is running. I’m actually enjoying everything and I’m learning in such a pleasant way. I can’t believe the value and depth and I wish I could stay in the workshop forever! – Julie

Finding Rose and her Expansive Writing Workshop was divine timing. My creativity had taken a back seat to the demands of solo motherhood and working full time, and I was feeling the pull towards opening up this part of my heart and soul again. Rose's 10-week Expansive Writing Workshop has been the most beautiful experience, I look forward to each Saturday workshop and I have found my writing joy again. – Lisa

It was a dream to spend Saturday mornings in the online HeartWriting Workshop with my group of ‘HeartWriters’. Each week we were immersed in meditation and spiritual practices, learning how to prepare the mind and body to write freely from the heart. We learned writing techniques, reading various literary works for inspiration. – Louise

Rose, thank you for holding space for my writing journey and transformation. You created such a beautiful space, all inclusive of others to expand and grow as creatives. This has truly been such an empowering eight weeks and this process has re-acquainted me with my youngest self and unlocked tucked away potential – and words that I didn't know I had and needed to release. – Jenaya

But wait, there's more workshops...

I developed Writing Therapy for those who can’t commit to my signature 10 week HeartWriting Workshop on Saturday mornings, which is a more academic course with writing modules, resource library and mentoring. In the HeartWriting Workshop, creatives from all over Australia and the world come together to write from the heart, in a safe space to explore budding skills while connecting with a beautiful creative community from home.

You can check it out here: https://heartwriting.com.au/heartwriting-workshop/

What's included in writing therapy

– Meditation to enter the creative flow state

– Gentle hatha yoga to align body and soul

– Discussion and prompts

– Inspiring themes

– Techniques for improvement

– The HeartWriting Journal

your teacher

I’m Rose, a published writer, magazine editor, qualified book editor, and English teacher. I’m also a yoga and meditation teacher. With a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, and having presented at teacher conferences on my subject, I’m qualified to teach you a range of advanced, tertiary-level techniques with a spiritual twist.


$199 for 8 week recorded workshop

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Join now and meet your fellow heartwriters

Slide Creative meditation yoga and meditation to open the creative heart Mindfulness and gentle movement for the heart, mind and soul Learn how to tune into the powerful creative energy of the heart, while dropping into the Theta brainwave state, where the real magic happens.

capture beautiful moments

Learn to tune in to your heartspace to write effortless magic on the page.

Writing techniques

heart-brain connection

theory and philosophy

transcend your skills

Rose Mascaro is a writer, editor and teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to build a life of creative bliss. A published writer, and the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine Australia, she has a Master of Arts in creative writing.