About HeartWriting

When writing from the heart, words become healing, transformative, and deeply powerful. We can make change and connect human hearts with words.

HeartWriting workshops, hosted in NSW and online, are designed to enrich your life with creative inspiration, heart-centred flow, and advanced writing skills. Good writers transform into extraordinary writers through a unique learning experience which blends academic knowledge with spiritual connection.

HeartWriting was created by Rose several years ago – and it all started with a vision of a sacred circle of sisters all learning, telling stories, and transforming like magic. 

Meet Rose

Heartwriter, editor, teacher

Hi there, lovers, writers, spellbound creatives who have stumbled upon HeartWriting. This is a magical place to be – and I thank you for being here! I’m Rose Mascaro – a published Australian writer, teacher, and editor (former editor of Teen Breathe Australia) who has peered beyond the mechanics of writing into all things spiritual, conscious and creative.

I teach writers how to be HeartWriters, and exceptional writers. I’ve developed a unique method where we venture into the creative heart, inhabiting those sacred spaces where words flow like magic.

I have to admit – it took me a long time to devote myself to a creative life. But I got there in the end, because I had to. My mental health was suffering. About 10 years ago, as a senior school English teacher who’d climbed the ranks to the top, I was burned out beyond belief. And of course, at the same time, everything fell apart. My self-esteem, my marriage, my career. 

I realised I was giving away the most magical part of myself: my creative superpowers. I’d set out in the beginning to become a writer, and I’d sold out to become a teacher with a reliable income, with a huge mortgage, and a million material things that weren’t giving me joy.

Creativity requires oomph and bravery

I had a lot of work to do to locate my glimmer again, to nurture my confidence, and hone my creative skills. And I needed a lot of courage to start, and that started with letting go of a lot of things. I quit my job, travelled the world, burned through all my money, and felt the most freedom and creativity I’ve ever felt in my life.

I didn’t need nearly as much money as I thought to be happy. Living on a backpacker budget gave me a great deal of perspective and insight into the meaning of life. These travels are what ignited my creativity again. I wrote stories, got published, fell in love with meditation (which seemed to go hand in hand with my success), and studied different modes of spirituality.

I moved across Australia to study my Master of Creative Writing at UTS, Sydney, and decided to just go for it as a writer. I’ve been living creatively like this for 5 – 6 years. I’m now 40 years old. But I feel like I’m a teenager again. I expect I’ll always feel like a teenager, because I’m doing things I love every day – things that inspire me – like writing this blog. Writing short stories. And finishing my book.


Rose Mascaro is a writer, editor and teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to build a life of creative bliss. A multi-published freelance writer, and the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine Australia, she holds a Master of Arts in creative writing.

In a previous life, Rose spent over a decade as a secondary senior English educator across some of the best schools in Australia, teaching students foolproof writing techniques that have helped them ace their examinations, particularly in the creative sections.

Now Rose is teaching adults to reignite their creative hearts. In 2017 she achieved her Master of Arts in Creative Writing while studying the art of yoga and meditation, with the aim to help writers to drop back into the rich creative experiences of the divine spiritual heart. Rose is finishing her first novel, which is set in the vibrancy of her extensive Latin American travels. 

What clients say...

Incredible woman and mentor - I highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t know where to start, is already in the flow and just wants to get better or if you are ready to pull your book idea together. Rose’s expertise and perfect people skills provides the creative bridge to get you to where you want to be. –Vicky

I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 day course. I’ve been into the HeartMath stuff lately and it was beautiful to see that in practice and listening to what you said about it. I loved what you taught about getting into that theta brainwave state so I’ve been attempting to do that and I’ve also started writing every morning. I’ve taken lots away from the course, so thank you. My biggest fear is believing in myself. The belief that my work is good enough. Sometimes I think I don’t know enough to write [my dream project] so I think those are my two biggest hurdles. You’re amazing at what you do and what a beautiful gift you have to offer to the world. I love the writing aspect with the spiritual. It’s perfect. Your voice is beautiful too. Everything is so well done. –Claire, Sydney

I was lucky to participate in two of Rose’s writing courses over the last two years. Rose is a teacher at heart but also a charming woman who will make all feel welcome and deliver a real educational experience. Conversation among the group and with Rose was vibrant and engaging. Rose is inspired and as well as organised and instructional. The tone of the group was easy and inclusive, as Rose is a natural teacher. Rose is not one to do things by halves and is willing to share her strong knowledge base. Lucky for us! —Kathleen

I came across Rose's course as an accident after yoga class. I just stood there and the flyer just stared at me. I just took a leap of faith not really knowing what HeartWriting means and signed up for the level 1 course immediately. My experience was nothing less than magical. Rose's presence and kind and supportive nature all along the way made it really special for me. Being an expat with English as my second language, I never thought I could actually write stories in English. Not only have I dared to write a couple of my stories as a way to deal with suppressed and repressed memories, I dared to now write my own book. Rose's course opened new doors in my heart and my future, and for that I'm forever grateful to this beautiful woman who wears her heart on her sleeves to help you open up to the amazing authentic beautiful writer and human that you already are. –Zhaleh

“HeartWriting,” it’s called. She will show you how to talk to your heart. She is humble and kind, she has a melodic and soft voice and will give you the structure you need to believe – while getting things done. Be gentle to yourself, meditate to find your soul again, and stay quiet and aware. Now I can feel my heart burning, he is awake now. I learned again to talk to my heart. I met other hearts too. I felt like being around a wood fire surrounded by all hearts, open and warm, melting feelings and beliefs like marshmallows in the fire. Now, I feel light to keep walking around the world with my heart warm and open, because we met again. Thanks, HeartWriting, for showing me the way, and appearing in my life like a magical shooting star in the middle of the night. – Addie Saenz – Panama

I just opened up the "ten days" course and did your BEAUTIFUL creativity meditation (amazing, sank right into that) and started journalling from the book prompts. It’s all so epic Rose. All the hours and hours of time and loving effort you have put in to this course – you are so generous with your community. Love! – Nicole, Victoria

The HeartWriting course is exactly what it sounds like and more. It is a soulful course that helps people finally get the courage and the tools to write. So if you are someone who says 'I will write a book one day' but that day never comes because you are scared of the blank page, don't know what to write, don't think you have what it takes to write, anxious about what you write, don't have time to write, or meet the million forms of resistance - then this course is for you. Rose is the mentor you never knew you needed. So if writing is something you are called to do, you will find the path with Rose's guidance. – Bonnie, Bald Hills NSW

If you have tried a creative writing course elsewhere and was left disappointed and thinking writing might not be for you, you should give HeartWriting a go. Writing is different when you are guided from the heart and supported by Rose. Her intuitive way of guiding you through this journey of inward exploration will leave you with heart-connected writing and more. – Natalie, Sydney

HeartWriting has opened the door to a profound new way of learning - bringing together heart centred practices and teachings that will unlock the hearts deepest desires. Enrolling in Rose Mascaro’s HeartWritings Level 1 course has been the best thing I’ve ever invested in for myself. This course has enlightened the benefits of spirituality and combined it with an abundant supply of literature knowledge, reading and gentle writing tasks. Rose provides a safe space to explore your writing techniques and dreams, her wisdom, encouragement and guidance gently unravels the writer within, connects you amongst likeminded souls and surrounds you in a beautiful place to grow. – Amanda, North Coast NSW

I completed the 10 week Online workshop and would thoroughly recommend it. The combination of yoga and meditation with writing prompts make it such a unique experience. It was a wonderfully nurturing space for expression. The talented Rose shared so much of her vast knowledge with us and was very generous with her time and resources. I have wanted to get back to writing for many years but this course was the impetus to get my words moving again. I loved it so much I have enrolled in the advanced course! Thank you Rose - 10/10! – Delys, Perth

I am forever grateful HeartWriting come into my life, it has truly sparked a new flame within and rekindled the dream to write. Rose is as much inspirational as she is incredible at her ability to teach, mentor and share her love of story writing and telling with us all. Words don’t seem enough to express the sincere gratitude I have for her in my life and I cannot wait to continue my journey with her in the Advance course and beyond. If you love to read and write then HeartWriting is the best gift you could ever give yourself (or a friend). – Amanda

Anything I write here will not do justice to the incredible and transformative experience that I've had with Rose's Heart-Writing Workshop Level 1. It's the perfect combination of academics/theory, spirituality and self-development. I'm in awe of the unique experience that Rose has created, and I guarantee with wholehearted confidence that you will not be the same after going through this course. It has given me the wonderful (and very unexpected) gift or reconnecting with my passion for creative writing – one that was dormant for over 10+ years. The course is not over, and I already signed up for the Advanced Writer's Retreat, because deep in my soul I feel that this is only the beginning of a magical journey for my writing, and I thank the universe for sending Rose my way. If you're hesitating to join – please don't! You can thank me later 😉 – Virginia, Panama

HeartWriting came at a time when I was living with a lot of anxiety and felt like I was on the edges of burnout. I had lost myself and my joy. Starting the ten week course has reminded me of who I am, has reminded me of my love of reading and writing, my love of stories. I love the growth I have seen on myself and my confidence build in trusting myself and my creativity. I can’t thank Rose enough for what she and her course have done to bring my sense of creativity and playfulness back. – Liz W, Sydney

The Ten Days of HeartWriting has ended 30 years of writers' block and provided me with a safe and enjoyable platform to rediscover my until now shelved dream of writing a book. While I have a long way to go, I can not believe the change in my mindset over just ten days. I absolutely loved every activity and can not wait for the Level 1 course to begin! Thank you Rose and Heartwriting, I am so thankful! – TJ

HeartWriting has helped me step into the writer I’ve been longing to be for years but never prioritising enough. The practice of turning up everyday for myself and my craft has been the greatest gift. I’m so grateful to Rose and her wisdom, energy and time with this beautiful course. If you’re looking to kick start your practice again or gain a deeper connection between your inner world and that blank canvas in front of you, I highly recommend investing in yourself with this course. – Liz Brown

If you’re seeking to write from the depths of your heart and soul then HeartWriting is for you. Rose has created something special that will take you on a personal and creative journey. I can’t recommend Rose enough as a teacher and mentor for all aspiring writers. – Debra, Central Coast NSW

I adored the workshop with all my heart. I not only learned to give myself the permission to call myself a writer, but it allowed me to dive headfirst into what I blocked myself off from for years - my heart space. It was truly a surreal experience to have more self–growth and learning happen in an online workshop for writing than years of counselling has ever done. To anyone thinking about doing the workshop, there's a reason you're thinking about it! Don't hold yourself back! It's truly a wonderful environment and a beautiful experience. No matter who you are or what you're doing, you'll learn something new every session and you'll meet some truly remarkable people 🖤 Rose taught me so much and I love every second I spend writing thanks to her and my new writer friends! 🖤 – Merissa, Canberra

All I have is deep gratitude for whatever led me to signing up for Rose’s course and in turn for Rose. It is an honour to be in the presence of someone so in tune with their passion and purpose. I have gained confidence in my writing techniques, the freedom to put pen to paper whenever I want without feeling guilty (in this world of constant busyness), and a newfound love for the written word each week as the course expands my mind. I cannot shout loud enough to anyone who is thinking about working with Rose that they need to run, not walk. It will be one of the biggest acts of self-care you’ll enact all year. There will not be a more well rounded or supportive course of its kind out there I assure you! – Kelly, Central Coast NSW

I joined this HeartWriting class in a pretty lost and broken place. I knew I wanted to find the joy in writing again, but what I came to find was so much more than that. I found a teacher who nurtured and encouraged my creativity. I found a group of strong yet vulnerable women who inspired me every week. I developed my skills as a writer and accepted myself as a creative. Honestly can not recommend this course enough. You will emerge from it a new version of yourself! Thank you Rose! – Emma, Sydney

Rose, you drop yourself in the class like you are one of the students and pour your heart in it. You challenge me to dig beneath the surface of my writing, and my truth. So thank you for your work, and for following your heart and stepping into the light to share your gifts! –Giana, Melbourne

I have no words – or maybe too many words – to thank you for this course, and your generosity and kindness! I am so sad that it has ended. HeartWriting will be on my gratitude list for this New Years Eve – it has been the best thing that happened to me in 2022!" –Addie

It is such an honour to be in such a safe and nourishing creative space – and I feel myself coming home to myself more and more with every week. I just love you Rose – thank you for all that you do and for sharing your gifts so beautifully with us! –Alecia, Sunshine Coast

The Heartwriting Advanced course was a dream, interspersed with the depth of learning that only Rose can bring with such heart to our hearts. It was wonderful to continue my learning and growth, with so many familiar faces from the first course. I was able to bring so many words forth, and explore the ways in which I can share my life story. –Lisa, Central Coast NSW

I have absolutely loved Rose’s writing therapy course. Rose has a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to guide you through each week. Her classes are always presented with a beautiful ambiance. I love the meditations, yoga and writing all rolled into one. I am so excited for the next course and hopefully collaborating with Rose in the future in the holistic health and wellness space. – Lauren, Newcastle

Rose is magic. She is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and somehow manages to get the best out of distracted and insecure writers like me! HeartWriting has been the best gift to myself and my creative expression and I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Rose in this space. – Claire, Canberra

Rose's calm guidance within the workshops and the one to one mentoring sessions provided expert tuition in the craft of writing. She produced a range of highly acclaimed examples of great writing for us to discuss and provided us with skills to use in editing our work. Rose's elegant blend of spiritual understanding, discussion and practice mixed with her knowledge of teaching creative writing allowed my writing to blossom and my confidence in my ability to write for an audience to soar. –Jacqueline, Sydney

I found the program wonderfully therapeutic, and as a person I can say I’ve turned a corner and will never be the same again. Rose you are the real deal, generous with your knowledge which is considerable and generous with yourself. I got so much more than I paid for. How can I ever thank you. Go confidently into your rich future, precious soul. – Brenda, Noosa

Rose offers so much more value than any other traditional creative writing course I’ve come across. You get to learn about yourself, what shaped you, your authentic ‘writers voice’ and how to produce beautiful words that flow effortlessly from the heart and inspire others - if you’ve been thinking about expanding your creative brain and are looking for a nurturing environment to be a part of, you need to sign up for one of these workshops! – Natalia, Violette Ink Copywriting, Gold Coast

From the content to the delivery style and the personalised advice in the 1-1 mentoring, this course is a true gift to anyone who ‘wishes they could’ but who ‘doesn’t out of fear’. You’ll find yourself in the safest place, where you’ll be supported, encouraged and left to ponder what else you can do if you pack away the worries and just let the words flow. I still feel this review can’t do justice to the quality content and heart opening space that Rose has created. – Michelle, Perth

Rose, aren’t you such an amazing delight. Your warmth, love and gentleness with your course participants is something to behold. You will go far with this and inspire many to deepen into more authentic writing. Also – I think I need the join the advanced course! – Andrew, Sydney

Rose was so generous with her time, knowledge and energy; she was the perfect guide through this journey! It was so inspiring to witness everyone’s unique skills and confidence grow from week to week and to read their amazing stories. The HeartWriting workshop was a beautiful holistic experience that has helped me to embrace writing, and my creativity in general, wholeheartedly! – Louise

Finding the words in such a state of flow has been the greatest gift, and Rose has been the facilitator of this gift. Her gentle guidance and depth of knowledge are so appreciated, and the way she manages to find the light within us as her writing students that we have lost somewhere is simply magical. – Lisa, Sydney

We started as nine strangers from different walks of life, but with one common thread. I am honoured to have been able to be a part of this and to have had the opportunity to share my heart journey with all my fellow heart writers. I thoroughly recommend the HeartWriting course to anyone wondering, although another part of me wants to keep Rose to myself haha. I'll definitely be signing up for the advanced course. – Raeleen, Central Coast NSW

I am loving this course! there is so much more content than expected. My world is expanding at a pace I am comfortable with. I am writing everyday; the best part of my day actually. I also love listening to ALL the other heartwriters! – Cheryl, Central Coast

I’ve done a lot of writing courses over the years, but HeartWriting is by far my favourite! I'm now on my second one, and I cannot wait to keep going! I can't quite believe what you get for your money – the generous support from Rose, structural writing techniques, and creative yoga and meditation. Also it's a beautiful intimate group where everyone supports each other. Although it's challenging, it doesn't feel difficult – and it's actually enjoyable. This is the most unique, and most valuable, enriching course I've ever done. Lucky are the people who join the next course! –Julie, Melbourne

Finding Rose and her Expansive Writing Workshop was divine timing. My creativity had taken a back seat to the demands of solo motherhood and working full time, and I was feeling the pull towards opening up this part of my heart and soul again. Rose's 10-week Expansive Writing Workshop has been the most beautiful experience, I look forward to each Saturday workshop and I have found my writing joy again. – Lisa

It was a dream to spend Saturday mornings in the online HeartWriting Workshop with my group of ‘HeartWriters’. Each week we were immersed in meditation and spiritual practices, learning how to prepare the mind and body to write freely from the heart. We learned writing techniques, reading various literary works for inspiration. – Louise

Rose, thank you for holding space for my writing journey and transformation. You created such a beautiful space, all inclusive of others to expand and grow as creatives. This has truly been such an empowering eight weeks and this process has re-acquainted me with my youngest self and unlocked tucked away potential – and words that I didn't know I had and needed to release. – Jenaya

I am amazed at how far I have come, not only as a writer, but as a person. I have cried so many healing tears and awakened my creative voice that was suppressed for too many years. Now I'm finding myself reading and writing in a whole new way since doing the Saturday morning course with Rose. – Raeleen

Rose, thank you so much – I would never had signed up for a writing course if it weren’t for you. I have learnt so much about myself, my writing skills, and about new techniques, storytelling, poetry... I am so inspired by how you held space for us all and shared your wisdom in such a glorious way! Thank you a million times! – Silvana

Rose Mascaro is a writer, editor and teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to build a life of creative bliss. A published writer, and the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine Australia, she has a Master of Arts in creative writing.