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Episode 1

My creative awakening

Are you ready for your sacred creative awakening? I‘m Rose, a published writer, teacher, and editor who has peered beyond the mechanics of writing into all things spiritual, conscious and creative. I‘ve developed a unique method called HeartWriting, where we venture into the creative heart, inhabiting those sacred spaces where words flow like magic.

Why do we avoid our creativity when it’s our greatest joy in life? Is it because of social conditioning? Self-sabotage? Or simply laziness? In the first episode, I discuss the three main phases of my life: ‘hiding behind teaching’, ‘the escapist year’ and ‘finally making creative dreams a reality’. 

Get ready to experience the fascinating worlds of art psychology, spirituality, and the role of the brainwaves. We explore the meaning of being a writer, and what it takes to be a conscious, sustainable creative in today‘s society. Most importantly, I’ll show you the way to your heart – the most important creative compass you have.

Inspired by advanced writing studies and my experiences as a teacher, published writer, meditation facilitator and magazine editor, my writing tips are designed to quell your creative fears and bring you back to your authentic, heart-centred calling.

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Words are powerful

I’m Rose, and I’m so excited to show you a revolutionary way of thinking of yourself as a writer. I’ll teach you a range of advanced skills. And I’ll show you the way to your heart – the most important creative compass you have. 

Go on, pick up your pen… and join me on a journey of creative reawakening.

Inspired by advanced writing studies and deep meditation experiences, my carefully curated writing workshops are designed to quell your creative fears and bring you back to your authentic, heart-centred calling.

the wisdom of the heart

Anahata – an open loving heart – governs our entire wellbeing and creative potential, according to the ancient wisdom of Indian philosophy. An open heart helps us remove fears and release the ego, our greatest foe when it comes to creativity.

Electromagnetically, the heart is much more powerful than the brain. By using the calming yet influential qualities of the heart in meditation, we can lower our brainwaves into the creatively explosive theta state. This is just one of the techniques we explore in HeartWriting workshops. 

Meet Rose

Heartwriter, editor, teacher

I’m so honoured that you’re here. If you’ve read this far, then maybe, just like me, you’ve been searching for a creative haven to call home – something to fill that heart that craves for magic, belonging and brilliance.

Let me tell you a story about my journey to find ‘home’. I was always a creative kid, head-in-the-clouds, dreaming of writing books when I grew up. My parents would find me swaying like a sorceress under the olive tree, whispering madly to myself while constructing complex characters and plot lines. But as I got older I was often proffered a disheartening phrase. ‘Writers don’t make money, sweetheart.’

At university I studied writing but took up teaching. A rewarding if not exhausting job, I spent the bulk of my day marking papers and instructing students how to nail exams. There was no space for writing left in my life. My heart ached.

So did my neck. I sought out a yoga class hoping I’d found the cure. After a number of shapes and postures that squeezed me back to stability, the lights dimmed for savasana. I was gifted a meditation that shattered my walls and, afterwards, prompted me to write pages and pages of heartfelt words. Not only did I discover ‘home’, but I also found the theta brainwave state, the secret gold mine that connects us back to our hearts and our creative potential.

This practice has helped me upscale my writing skills, quit my job, travel the world, study again, start a novel, and become a full-time writer and editor. There’s so much to tell you… I can’t wait to show you the creative workshops I’ve built so that you can experience home, too!


We’ve put together a creative goodie bag, featuring: the NEW HeartWriting Journal 2.0, a creative writing masterclass, and a bonus meditation and yoga class. Yay!

Rose Mascaro is a writer, editor and teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to build a life of creative bliss. A published writer, and the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine Australia, she has a Master of Arts in creative writing.