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Rose-Louise Mascaro, writer and editor, MA

Capturing images and emotions into words that touch the heart is truly the elixir of life for me. With a writing style best described as ethereal and romantic, I’ve penned pieces about getting lost in the mystical cloudforests of Costa Rica, traversing the spectacular Amalfi Coast, spiritual connection with my Italian heritage, the power of non-binary fashion, and the simple joys of flying a kite. My strengths, however, lie in experimental, postmodern, sometimes dystopian fiction. 

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As pictured, I was the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine, Australia’s leading mindfulness magazine for teens. In this rewarding role I wrote countless inspiring articles, edited the work of international contributors, and managed a team of talented designers.

I’ve also been published in a range of print and online magazines both in Australia and around the world, and I write regular content and books for conscious businesses such as international powerhouse Collective Hub.

Experimental creative writing is really my jam, and what I’ve specialised in – from my undergrad all the way up to my master’s degree. Right now I’m finishing my first novel, while hosting writing workshops for adults. I’m also a fully qualified book editor. I’m currently editing a number of novellas and memoirs written by my advanced HeartWriting students.

published portfolio: websites, books, articles, short stories


To celebrate HeartWriting workshops and services, we’ve put together a creative goodie bag, featuring: the NEW HeartWriting Journal 2.0, a creative writing masterclass by Rose, and a bonus meditation and yoga class. Yay!

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Rose Mascaro is a writer, editor and teacher who is passionate about teaching others how to build a life of creative bliss. A published writer, and the 2020 editor of Teen Breathe magazine Australia, she has a Master of Arts in creative writing.